Why not the Venus Project?

A frequent question people will undoubtely ask is, if we fully agree with Mr. Fresco's vision of the future, why don't we join forces with the people at the Venus Project?

Well, we no longer consider the Venus Project Incorporated to be faithful to the vision of a world without hunger, politics, poverty and war.
While their stated goal is to spread the teachings of Jacque Fresco to a wider audience as possible, and teach people how to arrive at decisions, instead of using outdated politics, their behaviour suggests the opposite.
Look for example, at the whole Sasha fiasco, that made some waves in the Venus Project community and subreddit, and the reason i started this project, as seen in the comments. Sasha's testimoney uncovered massive ossification and petty tribalism in the organization, and a completely unsustainable plan for the future.
Digging deeper also uncovered many testimonies from other former members of TVP, which showed that while they rail against politics as inefficient, office politics, stagnation, and "interdepartamental" rivalry are currently a core part of the movement.
No such organization can shepard humanity, and lead it to a post-scarcity future without politics, war and poverty.
Even from an economic point of view, from what we have seen, they too have sucumbed to the temptation of the profit motive, and have engorged themselves fully in the monetary system Jacque Fresco has fought all his life against.

We can see this with how much they are focused on establishing their IP and getting their merchandise, books, logo and everything else that can be copyrightable as strong as possible, while projects such as the Center for Resource Management have been languishing in stasis for more than a year.
Among those, the most irrational thing we consider the Venus Project selling their lectures and books with substantial cost, in some cases for hundreds of dollars, which are taxing especially for the increasingly large class of financially disadvantaged victims of the monetary system, that need Fresco's vision of a better world more than ever. 

Likewise, we have heard unconfirmed rumours that many of the models that they had in their posession were destroyed, since they couldn't be copyrighted.
In the same vein, they have used legal means to punish any project that even appeared threaten their control over Mr. Fresco's dream, since as Auravana Project's DMCA takedown.
This is especially bad, given one of the ways Jacque said, in one of his seminars, that we can help the resource-based economy come to fruition, is by fighting to remove copyright laws.

The most frequent excuse is that they are forced to do so, due to living in a monetary system.
We do not consider it a valid reason.
Eric Steven Raymond, a world-renowned software developer, open-source software advocate, and author of the world famous 1999 book The Cathedral and the Bazaar, has shared his work for free on his site for many years, after realizing that it's just as easy, and keeping his books behind a paywall made him earn just as much as if he shared them online.
And in today's late capitalist society, due to crowdfunding websites, many people are now earning their income via Patreons and other such ways, while sharing their work with the entire world, free of cost.
We see no reason why The Venus Project could not do the same.

We wouldn't even have any problems with them selling physical or digital books or pamphlets, as collector's items, as options for people who prefer reading off official physical copies, or as an extra option to support them.

But the straw that broke the camel's back was their 2020 presentation video, where instead of any way of actually making it closer to reality, they pride themselves on how they will fill their videos with ads for their T-Shirts and mugs, while telling us how your donations are going towards creating a series of video lectures that will be sold for hundreds of dollars.
In short, the only priority seems to be revenue enhancement

Even those that wish to be representatives of the project must be willing to purchase the complete Venus Project library set before starting the course, after having passed the interview. These is excused under the guise of The Sociocyberneering Educational Project students will undertake.

And after that, to quote the site itself:
"Once the student has completed the course, they must be willing to finance initial activities which they might decide to do. A job will be useful for this in order to fund these activities."

Such actions fall dangerously close to cultish behaviour, to tell them information that could be shared freely and openly, and who's only objective is teaching them how to apply the scientific method to social aspects of society, information that could be shared for free, online.
Instead, this is control, pure and simple, the same control the monetary system uses to enslave humanity.
We have no need of hierophants and gatekeepers to interpret the scientific method and our shared future for us.

Information for the Venus Project:

-we consider this to be constructive critcism, allowed under the law. This is not libel;

-we have not posted any copyrighted material, for you to not pursue legal action against us.  Even Jacque's picture on the front page it taken from a public domain picture from Wikipedia;

Our Demands

-we ask that Jacque Fresco's teachings and models, both past, and the ones that are being done at the moment through the Transcription fundraiser, be published under a copyleft license;

-we ask that The Venus Project cease any attempt at agressive attempts at copyrighting, IP building or DMCA Takedowns, and instead once again focus on researching the physical and behavioural science.

Our Objectives

-centralizing all freely available about Jacque Fresco and his work available on the Internet;

-focus on making the most important part of Jacque Fresco's Resource-Based Economy system a reality, the cybernetic resource distribution supercomputer, what his 1969 novel, "Looking Forward" called Corcen(Correlation Center).
For this, we welcome and look forward to any research in the field of cybernetic central planning, in order to debunk the most common argument of the monetary system for the existence of markets and posessions, the economic calculation problem.

-supporting organizations who's aims, inventions and research would help bring about the rise of a frescoist resource-based economy as soon as possible.

Organizations we support:

Auravana Project One Community Global Free and Real Trom Magazine Resilience.org Open Source Ecology Auroville Federation of Intentional communities Free Software Foundation