This list will be updated, as the situation demands.

What is the purpose of this site?

In short, to spread the teachings of Jacque Frescos in a free and open manner.

In that case, why don't you help The Venus Project?

Our reasons for refusing to collaborate with TVP are explained in more detail on this page.
While they continue to not to share their materials under a copyleft license, we cannot support them in good faith.

Isn't just dividing resources away from other projects, such as the Venus Project or Auravana?

Digital goods and information are infinetly duplicable for free. We don't see how this would hurt any project.

It would divide manpower and attention, though?

We don't have, or plan for, any national chapters or anything, though. 

I think you are in this just to make a profit!

There is no "Donate" or "Subscribe" button on this site.
We aren't selling anything, nor are we using ads.
If anything, we are losing time and money doing this.

Is there any way i can help?

Due to Jacque Fresco being more well known in Eastern Europe than the Venus Project, and the movement there being more disorganized, we wish to appeal in particular to the people of the former Soviet Union.

So if any of you know Russian fluently, please contact us. 

We also on the lookout for people that good at social media to help manage our social media presence, so if you have any experience with that, we would be glad if you joined our team.

And, as always, we have gathered merely what we could find of Mr. Fresco's work. If you find any letures, books, videos, recordings or quotes of him that are unknown, or that we missed, please get in contact with us.

Always make sure they are legal to post(in our opinion, any creation should be, but we still live in the monetary system), and preferably as full as possible, without any reference to the Venus Project

Otherwise, just spread the word.

Organizations we support:

Auravana Project One Community Global Free and Real Trom Magazine Resilience.org Open Source Ecology Auroville Federation of Intentional communities Free Software Foundation