Our recommended books

Inspired by Jacque's recommended reading list, which we will upload to this site shortly, we have decided to also recommend interesting, thought-provoking books written by visionaries, both of today, and of the past centuries, that illuminate the human condition, and showing ways of restructuring our towns and economies, as well as serving as essential stepping stones and forreruners to Mr. Fresco's vision.

This selection is taken from our recommendations, or those found on other frescoist-inspired sites.
In this regard, i'd like to give a shout-out for the always admirable Travis Grant of the Auravana Project, for finding these gems.
As always, care has been given to try find the text within the public domain for public access, and if that is not possible, to link it to the used section on Amazon, in order to provide for a cheaper way to acquire them, as well as limit waste and resource consumption.